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Heloooooooo, how have you all been doing? phew! my apologies for the looonngggggg silence. I actually have quite a LOT on my plate and there has just been so much going on. I have greatly missed writing because all i basically do most of of the time, is to concentrate on my Instagram pages and create content as much as possible.I have really had no rest ...but hey! guess what! i still love what i do😍..keeps me kicking wholesomely... So, i train lost of folks on branding and much more and its become a passion, why is that? i love detailing, i love traction, i love finesses, i love making things look pretty and most of all, making clients happy with my work. Lately, i have noticed, everyone in Nigeria wants to be an Entrepreneur and that is a good thing but if not done properly, if you are not in the right space, it can get really messy and unprofitable. I started a FREE training on whats App, like a beginners class on Branding and what one should all know going forward and trus