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Hello once again sweeties❣️ Well, it’s been another long break. phew..! Things will change soon, I assure you. I have learnt so much into the last weeks and some of you have also sent me posts to share with the public. I am indeed grateful for the privileges🕺🏼🙏🏾. Thanks so so much! Starting from next week, I will do paid ads for as little as 1500, yes, that small😊 & guess what? Your ad gets to a lot of places, I can seriously assure you of that😘. So, for the upcoming Yuletide, let’s collaborate and get working on something beneficial for both parties. My digits are always at the bottom of all my posts. Do please reach me via WhatsApp only 🔎📞. Back to our hot topic of last week, we will be looking at “ How to get your right Spouse, the concluding episode”. Need I say that African girls can pretend for Africa eh💁🏽‍♀️.. till date, it still baffles me. You like a certain guy, instead of showing it, you do the exact opposite, please will that one attract or repel?

How to attract the perfect Spouse👨‍❤️‍👨💑

Hiiiii💕, I do hope you are having an awesome sunday? My week was totally filled with one activity or the other but guess what? It was also fun all through. When am directing or producing content, nothing else matters😊, I practically shut down & focus. So many orisirisi stuff on the internet now eh🙈, my ears are full, even my eyes are aching from reading & watching clips here and there. I am not a gossip ooo😂 but please my journalistic juices 🥤 are still flowing well. In other words, I will gravitate to where gist is😃. Where do I even start from sef🤷🏽‍♀️, so many insights & things to look at. How do you attract your spouse? I was reading a piece from one of my friends n she was recounting how she met her hubby & what went into it exactly before they eventually got married. I remember my own journey to marriage & I recall that I made certain decisions before the marriage itself was consummated. A lot of guys & ladies are seriously looking to attract


Hello sweeties💕, Am sorry for not updating my posts as frequently as I should, I have just been so busy with other pressing needs😊. At other times, I usually have so many things to share that I am completely confused about what to send across🤐, kindly pardon me biko🤫.  Without wasting your time, my post is largely about reaching out to people, being somebody’s helper. I have noticed a trend & this started only recently, whenever there’s an incidence or some sort of mishap, we are drawn towards filming & amplifying on social media rather than rendering help immediately😢.. If only we had helped, if only we had extended a hand to help, rather than taking pictures, if only we had run for help rather than escalating, maybe some of those people would gotten a better fate😞😢.. I am sooo guilty. One terrible incidence is fresh in my memory and this happened while back @ the University, Lagos State University to be precise. Well, they had caught these bunch of cultists


Hellloooo😊, I miss writing here so much it hurts ..🙂😭💖... it’s like I tore myself away from my readers & myself.. I will sure step up my creative juices, I solemnly promise you all🙏🏾🌹. It’s been a whole week of work, work & more work, I am completely snowed under with fatigue right now😂, however, I love what I do immensely😘😘. A lady once shared an experience with me that left my mouth hanging open like those of a pre-schooler who got forced out of breast milk😌. It was not a good one, I could not fathom why she would have to pass through such an obnoxious ordeal. Moreso, it was from someone she referred to as her best friend. This story gave me the push to talk about friendships & the reality of it all. Is it real, does it totally exist without bias? Are there considerations for relationships to happen, do we think about the consequences of our actions when we do them?   I have had my own ups and downs🤷🏽‍♀️ as I know you would have as well. I have dealt

Spare me a little bit of your time. Part 2💖

Happy Independenceee🕺🏼🕺🏼🌹 Am super privileged to see Nigeria 🇳🇬 @58, it’s also my elder sisters birthday, she’s same age as Nigeria👋🏾. Without wasting time, let me regale you with the concluding part of my story😎😊. So, I went for an audition and the guy, who apparently owns one of the thriving soft sell magazines back then asked that I take off my clothes as he needs to see the package that will sit on the front page of his magazine which was a hit back then. I felt it was random & I proceeded to unbutton my shirts 👚..I was rather hesitant tho😑😑, on the second button, I noticed, he had started pulling down the blinds in the office and I am like “ please, what’s going on here?”🙄. The rest is a long story as I ran out of that dungeon with my dignity intact and him looking really stupid! 😂 So, after Youth service, I started work as a budding journalist at Encomium Ventures, we were the A -list classy soft sell back then, when I go to cover events, I walk in ther