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WHAT ARE HASHTAGS? Hashtags are the easiest way to get found on Instagram. For sake of a definition, we can say, hashtags, are labels for content. By content, it could mean your videos, photos etc. It is generally used on social media to classify and group things of same interest in one place. So, for instance, if I am looking for the below category of items, I can find them under 1 or more hashtags. 1.    Laces 2.    Gele styles 3.    Party colour 4.    Lace styles 5.    Vendors 6.    Party planner 7.    Fabric seller 8.    Decorator 9.    Stylist or a fashion designer All these can be found under the Hashtag #bellanaijaweddings, #Owanbe UK, #OwambeUk and   asoebibella or even to shoot a little further.   What the hashtag does is actually to push your post a little further from where your engagement begun. In order words, once your content is deemed engaging and you use the right hashtag sets, that post be