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Hi dearies, Oh! It’s been such a busy period. I have not had a moment to pick up my phone or computer to drop my thoughts. Hope you are doing ok?😊😎? I miss being here, I feel I am relating with future Kings each time I get to script. Guys, I recently watched a video by Micheal Crossland, if his name is unfamiliar to you, then you may need to google & read up on him🚢🏽‍♂️. Before then, I had also watched a clip of Bishop Oyedepo,he was largely talking about visions & visionaries.πŸ‘πŸ½. Wow! These clips are stuff you need to see because they would change your mindset n give you a whole perception about life generally! My earnest & sincere question is “ Are you following your life’s dreams? What you are doing currently, do you find joy & contentment in it? Are they the things that you have always longed to do? Do they appeal to ur life long plans which started from when you were just a kid? Are you happy ? πŸ˜ƒ . As simple as these questions are, they are also th