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Hi dearies, Oh! It’s been such a busy period. I have not had a moment to pick up my phone or computer to drop my thoughts. Hope you are doing ok?😊😎? I miss being here, I feel I am relating with future Kings each time I get to script. Guys, I recently watched a video by Micheal Crossland, if his name is unfamiliar to you, then you may need to google & read up on him🚶🏽‍♂️. Before then, I had also watched a clip of Bishop Oyedepo,he was largely talking about visions & visionaries.👍🏽. Wow! These clips are stuff you need to see because they would change your mindset n give you a whole perception about life generally! My earnest & sincere question is “ Are you following your life’s dreams? What you are doing currently, do you find joy & contentment in it? Are they the things that you have always longed to do? Do they appeal to ur life long plans which started from when you were just a kid? Are you happy ? 😃 . As simple as these questions are, they are also th


Hello once again sweeties❣️ Well, it’s been another long break. phew..! Things will change soon, I assure you. I have learnt so much into the last weeks and some of you have also sent me posts to share with the public. I am indeed grateful for the privileges🕺🏼🙏🏾. Thanks so so much! Starting from next week, I will do paid ads for as little as 1500, yes, that small😊 & guess what? Your ad gets to a lot of places, I can seriously assure you of that😘. So, for the upcoming Yuletide, let’s collaborate and get working on something beneficial for both parties. My digits are always at the bottom of all my posts. Do please reach me via WhatsApp only 🔎📞. Back to our hot topic of last week, we will be looking at “ How to get your right Spouse, the concluding episode”. Need I say that African girls can pretend for Africa eh💁🏽‍♀️.. till date, it still baffles me. You like a certain guy, instead of showing it, you do the exact opposite, please will that one attract or repel?

How to attract the perfect Spouse👨‍❤️‍👨💑

Hiiiii💕, I do hope you are having an awesome sunday? My week was totally filled with one activity or the other but guess what? It was also fun all through. When am directing or producing content, nothing else matters😊, I practically shut down & focus. So many orisirisi stuff on the internet now eh🙈, my ears are full, even my eyes are aching from reading & watching clips here and there. I am not a gossip ooo😂 but please my journalistic juices 🥤 are still flowing well. In other words, I will gravitate to where gist is😃. Where do I even start from sef🤷🏽‍♀️, so many insights & things to look at. How do you attract your spouse? I was reading a piece from one of my friends n she was recounting how she met her hubby & what went into it exactly before they eventually got married. I remember my own journey to marriage & I recall that I made certain decisions before the marriage itself was consummated. A lot of guys & ladies are seriously looking to attract


Hello sweeties💕, Am sorry for not updating my posts as frequently as I should, I have just been so busy with other pressing needs😊. At other times, I usually have so many things to share that I am completely confused about what to send across🤐, kindly pardon me biko🤫.  Without wasting your time, my post is largely about reaching out to people, being somebody’s helper. I have noticed a trend & this started only recently, whenever there’s an incidence or some sort of mishap, we are drawn towards filming & amplifying on social media rather than rendering help immediately😢.. If only we had helped, if only we had extended a hand to help, rather than taking pictures, if only we had run for help rather than escalating, maybe some of those people would gotten a better fate😞😢.. I am sooo guilty. One terrible incidence is fresh in my memory and this happened while back @ the University, Lagos State University to be precise. Well, they had caught these bunch of cultists


Hellloooo😊, I miss writing here so much it hurts ..🙂😭💖... it’s like I tore myself away from my readers & myself.. I will sure step up my creative juices, I solemnly promise you all🙏🏾🌹. It’s been a whole week of work, work & more work, I am completely snowed under with fatigue right now😂, however, I love what I do immensely😘😘. A lady once shared an experience with me that left my mouth hanging open like those of a pre-schooler who got forced out of breast milk😌. It was not a good one, I could not fathom why she would have to pass through such an obnoxious ordeal. Moreso, it was from someone she referred to as her best friend. This story gave me the push to talk about friendships & the reality of it all. Is it real, does it totally exist without bias? Are there considerations for relationships to happen, do we think about the consequences of our actions when we do them?   I have had my own ups and downs🤷🏽‍♀️ as I know you would have as well. I have dealt

Spare me a little bit of your time. Part 2💖

Happy Independenceee🕺🏼🕺🏼🌹 Am super privileged to see Nigeria 🇳🇬 @58, it’s also my elder sisters birthday, she’s same age as Nigeria👋🏾. Without wasting time, let me regale you with the concluding part of my story😎😊. So, I went for an audition and the guy, who apparently owns one of the thriving soft sell magazines back then asked that I take off my clothes as he needs to see the package that will sit on the front page of his magazine which was a hit back then. I felt it was random & I proceeded to unbutton my shirts 👚..I was rather hesitant tho😑😑, on the second button, I noticed, he had started pulling down the blinds in the office and I am like “ please, what’s going on here?”🙄. The rest is a long story as I ran out of that dungeon with my dignity intact and him looking really stupid! 😂 So, after Youth service, I started work as a budding journalist at Encomium Ventures, we were the A -list classy soft sell back then, when I go to cover events, I walk in ther

Spare me a little bit of your time please🙏🏾

Hellooo💖, How have you all been? Awesome I hope? It has taken me time to put up this particular piece, simply because I needed to be certain I am doing the right thing. I am soooo overjoyed right now👋🏾🕺🏼 & that’s exactly what I want to share. I feel by writing this, I would have impacted in someone’s life out there that’s just about to take a life-changing decision. Maybe I need to introduce myself again😁. My name is ‘Jisola, that’s a little abridged from “ “Mojisola”. Most of my chums call me “ Meg “ , which is my English name & short for “ Margaret. I really love being called Meg because it reminds me of Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom. Other than that, I prefer my native roots as a Nigerian, main reason why I then decided to be called Jisola which most people actually call me now🌹 My long life dream has always been to have the title “Barrister” attached to my name, nothing else mattered, I wanted it so much that I used to practice being in the courtr

You Could be Wrong😊

Hello lovelies👏🏽 Wow, the weekend passed on in a hurry.. phew!😂.. I wanted more. I missed coming here to drop off a line or two. I had lots to write about but I have decided to specifically write on the one that’s topmost in my mind. The video I just shared speaks a lot about how a lot of us take decisions that end up putting us in trouble. Majorly, these decisions could be one taken @ our detriment or probably with a lot of pain & anguish because you want to help out. There are times that our efforts are seen as either wicked or misconstrued. This happens everywhere, in Church, @ work @ home as well. I recall an incident where I was trying to convey a message & it totally backfired. I was jostled & taken aback by the counter response because it showed me that usually people do not listen to understand, they rather listen to react & this is gradually killing our communication processes. You may have viral information but may be loath to share because you are a


Hellooo💝, How has your week been going? Trust me, mine has been really busy & very thought provoking. It’s getting to my birthday month & I am already weak-kneed🤣🙈.. I have taken stock & still checking through before the month of December disappears. Guys, please, kindly plan each day very well, trust me, you will be glad you did. So, let’s get back to why I am writing this beautiful evening😊, am spotting a small headache but stubbornly, I really don’t feel like wearing my glasses. Please whatever you do, wherever you are, whatever pushes you to do it, always try to bridle your tongue. A lot have sold their destiny out to their direct enemies without even realising it. I am a talker too based on my career path but when I get that caution in my spirit, I just carefully & tactfully stop. You must know when to draw the line. A lot of people are waiting to hear certain parts of your story so they can go ahead to destroy further opportunities that may come your way,


Hello sweeties😅, I just finished wiping the tears off my face😓, I do hope you are all keeping well on this lovely Sunday afternoon? Today has just been awesome. So many pointers to exactly the same thing, it hit me while In Church, it hit me, while in the car with hun💏, it hit me again when we got home and sat down to watch “ America’s got Talent” What's really going on??😵 I have cried and cried. Guys, there is a call for us to care for others, when I mean care, I mean it from the depth of my heart.. it doesn’t hurt to share the derica or bag of rice that you have😪..a lot of people are so hungry.. one guy told me just today that he has no place to stay, he’s got no job and his last set of clothes got stolen from the shop where he sleeps😑.. day in, day out, guys like this are all around us. Some have no clothes to wear and we have tons that we have not even worn in years. Not just clothes, shoes, bags and so much more. Charity begins at home, how do u treat your neighbour


Helloooo💕 How has your week been, was it exciting, we’re you totally held up in traffic like I was😭? The rain ☔️ did not help in that regard at all, I must say 🙂🙂. My ears are full ooo, that’s why I decided to write on the above topic. Everyone simply wants to leave Nigeria🙉.. & the whole crowd of very intelligent , vibrant , young professionals are being drawn to largely one part of the world 🌍. Canada seems to be all the rage right now, out of 20 families, you will undoubtedly find like 3 or more saying their utmost plan is to jet out to Canada. Oftentimes, I find myself asking if these ones really know what’s right there? Apart from Canada 🇨🇦 being a civilised nation, what other info do you have? Yes, people are making it, yes, it’s far better than 🇳🇬, Yes, life is easier but please guys, is it your Canada 🇨🇦? Your destiny & the next persons may not be the same. This may be whereGod wants you to be blessed🤷🏽‍♀️💝. I know a lot of people may disagree with m


Hello lovelies🙌🏾, These days are getting by so fast that I find it difficult to catch up nowadays, ugh🙉.. anyway, am back!💃🏻. Thank you for reading, thank you for trusting me to deliver my thoughts expressly too👧🏼 My thoughts are geared towards a lot of childhood experiences we all had at one time or the other & it gives me a nostalgic feeling each time I recount or reminisce. Many of us are living lives that were probably messed up from our childhood, mistakes that should have been corrected but we kept it to ourselves. A lot more are facing the consequences of decisions not taken as they crossed from childhood to adulthood. Some are still leaving with broken hearts & grief because they were too uncertain or shy to take a decision🤭. The teen years are years of complete helplessness & surrender🤓.. right from high school & even primary Schools, bigger kids had formed relationships or alliances, it was the season of the “crushes”  &the crushed. Everyone


Hello lovelies 💗😊, Firstly, let me appreciate every single person that takes time out to read what I write down here🙌🏾.. you all rock and I really appreciate you with the whole of my heart. Thanks for all the mails and comments too. I read each one . To the main matter, what is love ❤️? I am one of those that believe that what people process as love has many other synonyms like “ assurance, security, bank, lover, baby daddy, baby mama and then lust”.🙉.  The thing is, one of the most abused and overused expressions is “ I love you” 😕. People say this in the spur of the moment and next thing  is, they are no longer together. Please, how can that be possible ? Can one love and hate at the same time? If they do, is that true love, is that even love? 🤭.  There is a lot of confusion everywhere, I find it puzzling that a couple who decided to get married, took the sacred vows, eventually end up breaking up , they use foul words at each other and  go as far as trying to tarnish each


Copied: So I slept in an Islamic hotel last night... This table in my room has an inscription that looked like AL Qaeda and sincerely, I was terrified ☺. I Googled the word immediately and discovered that the inscription is actually a sign that shows the direction Muslim guests should face when it's prayer time. The toilet and bathroom had Islamic design and the receptionist wore Islamic fashion. I was served Ram 🐏 sausages during breakfast and they maintain a list of rules for guests.  While paying some money to the manager last night, I asked him why their hotel bore such obvious Islamic signature and this was his reply "Mr. Charles, our vision here is to use this hotel as a platform to expose people to our peaceful religion. Maybe before you leave here, you might change your perception about Islam" He said with calm smiles. I paid him and ran up stairs to rest. I had had a very hectic day. This morning, I checked out of the hotel and the manager wasn't around.


Hiiii👏🏽💕, I believe we all slept well? Hmm, let’s just give God praise for the gift 🎁 of life & the opportunity to see the dawn of a new day.. As I type this morning, my heart is still palpitating from the episode that occurred in the dead of night🤭.. Of  course, lots of people were glued to their television screens watching the special Holy Ghost service at the Camp, so the night was a little busy , people were shouting Amen all over like the whole neighbourhood was awake. Anyway, I couldn’t even watch because we suddenly developed power issues ugh😞😞😢.., I could not use my modem to stream as well🤫. That’s a tale for another day guys, let me proceed with the FEAR thing. Anyway, we prayed & slept. I suddenly woke up @ 1:30am to the sound of people trying to gain entry & so much pounding. It was like they wanted to break down a door, you could hear them talking in low tones .... haaaa!😮😵😧 @ that time of the night? What’s going on sef?? I woke Hun up, he stead


Hello There✍️, I decided to change from “ Hello guys😊” I hope this works for us all? Anyway, it’s been a very breezy and rainy day. Lots of planning, strategizing, refocusing and implementation going on right now. Well, am working on a lookbook and I hope some of you reading this can get me people that fits into what I urgently require for a video I am working on🙆🏽‍♀️ Below are my expectations, please share and share this and refer anyone you know to contact me immediately via my phone number or email which is always posted here 1. I am looking for 2 men that can act as fathers ages 38:45 2. I need moms as well within that age range but not less than 35 years old 3. We need teenagers ages 17, 14 &13 4. Another set ages 16, 14, 13 Added: Each entrant must be good looking and presentable, must not be signed to any brand that may negatively impact on what we want to do Please provide Pictures that show your face & full body. By implication, we will require a port
Copied 49 and 48  looking like 70 years, ,who send u work, shogun  laiye..extremists... A Nigerian couple has been arrested in the US for allegedly allowing their teenage son to starve to death and his brother to become severely emaciated during a religious fast. Wisconsin prosecutors charged Kehinde Omosebi, 49, and Titilayo Omosebi, 48, with child neglect causing death and child neglect causing great bodily harm. Both charges are felonies and carry a combined maximum sentence of 37 years in prison . Reedsburg Police Chief Timothy Becker says the father went to the police station Sunday to report the death of his 15-year-old son. When police arrived at the family's home they found the dead teen and an extremely emaciated 11-year-old boy. The mother was also found to be emaciated. Becker said the father told police he was a minister affiliated with Cornerstone Reformation Ministries and that the family had started a religious fast on July 19. Investigators do not believe

Be your own Boss!!

Hello guys😍😍😍, Thanks so much🙏🏾🙏🏾 for always taking time to read or preview . Thanks for giving me an opportunity to come here and share my experiences and tell little stories that will inspire . Anything that I have probably made of myself has totally been through the grace of God, I share nothing of it at all. Just yesterday, I was trying to take count of all He has done and I realised I am very ungrateful. God has been mighty awesome and gracious but still, we always keep asking Him for more and more 😊😊🤔🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🙈. Anyway, my word to you today is, be your own boss! Look within you intently and see what you can do outside what you are currently doing. I personally chose music  🎵 or singing because it’s what God wants me to do.. forget it 😂, I don’t have the best voice o, but God always anoints me with His presence when I worship, I ignored this initially but I realised This is what He wants me to do and so far, it’s been beautiful, it’s been fulfilling. Today

JISOLASWORLD: Hello guys,Today has just been awesome, I am ki...

JISOLASWORLD: Hello guys, Today has just been awesome, I am ki... : Hello guys, Today has just been awesome, I am kind of really joyful and happy, are you��? Now, listen, nothing and no one should steal...
Hello guys, Today has just been awesome, I am kind of really joyful and happy, are you😔? Now, listen, nothing and no one should steal your joy. Make an effort to be happy irrespective of what life brings before you. I know this is hugely difficult but am certain, its something that can be done if you really think about it and ask God to give you that inner peace. Listen, people will always be people. The bible says the heart of a man is desperately wicked, who can know it? Do you often wonder😒 why some people do not like you or probably even hate you? well, its because they see a wonder-working person, they see an image of someone that they wish to be, they do not understand why things are working out for you and not them💔. The video above captures a lot. Nothing must stop you from getting to your goal. You must shine on at all cost. You must determine in your heart to make it even if your haters don't wish you well. Do not try hating them because you will just end up

JISOLASWORLD: Life has taught me never to totally depend on any...

JISOLASWORLD: Life has taught me never to totally depend on any... : Life has taught me never to totally depend on anyone for anything. I may not be where I want to be at the moment but I am obviously sati...
Life has taught me never to totally depend on anyone for anything. I may not be where I want to be at the moment but I am obviously satisfied with where God has placed me so far. I started out doing bits and pieces, right after I was done with my youth service, For me, nothing was going to stop me from being successful in life. Oh! trust me, there were so many temptations, the guys did not want to help without you handing them something of yours in return. So, I used my wit, my creativity to get peoples attention..this is my story for another day. Guys, there's always a way out for you, just find your own niche. Look for that simple thing that absolute gives you joy when you are at it and make it a money-spinning business. you can start with zero kobo and grow to be as big as you desire. trust me, itis achievable, it is tested. My word for you today is, rise up! rise up from the hurt, from despair, from worry, from frustration, rise up from disappointment and anguish, tak


I woke up this morning feeling a bit worried & unsettled. I had the most nagging dream & couldn’t just fathom how it happened?🤷🏽‍♀️ .. Well, the devil will not spoil my mood unless I allow it. So, I just did the best thing ever. I went back to bed & prayed🙏🏾.. with each prayer, I had renewed confidence & hope. I realised that it is only I that can either ruin my day or completely make it an exciting one. I don’t really know if there’s someone in my shoes right now, like,you wokeup &just realisedyou are not fulfilled😊, guess what? 🤷🏽‍♀️, don’t worry about it. Each time you wake up, there is a 100% 100 opportunity to turn things around for your good I am good I will make it I am unstoppable I will shine through the pain