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It’s been quite a bit my loves, please, bear with me...just doing so many things at the same time, success needs work πŸ₯°πŸ”₯

So, let’s get straight to what we need to learn today without wasting  time. I have learnt quite a few in the last months & I know More amazing stuff will surface in the weeks to come. 

Let me hit you with a jolt of reality! No one wants to know the routes to success!!! Read that again & let it dunk in well..😊.. usually, people prefer the success than the processes involved in getting there. That is why people are not hitting sales targets or putting extra work in their business because they know there is so much involved if you wanna get to the top! 

Take these few tips & please run with it 

1. Evaluate your current self 

For you to move to the next level, what’s really imperative is evaluating yourself. You must look at where you are, what you doing, how you are doing it? Ask yourself , is this profitable or not? Is it worth the effort etc? Once this is established & you have answers, then, you are on the right track 

2. Know your Brand

Looks similar to the first but truly, they are different: knowing your brand is critical if that’s what you wanna push. You must set limits n targets.. you must understand what you are doing & bring it to focus. It is vital to be the best in your field, you can only be that if you know your brand & whst value it brings 

3.  Use your SMART technique or goals 

S- specific, M- measurable, A- attainable, R-realistic T-time bound.... once this is utilized, it helps you to work in an organized individual or brand & it sharpens n broadens your horizon 

4. Roll with people that Inspire you

You must not move with those without vision or purpose .. move with those that know what they are doing  & are already successful in their chosen careers or brand. Your life must be hungry for  success! Let thar be your pill πŸ’Š each day. Take sll the learnings you need & please put to work . If there are strategies you have, get round to applying where necessary.

5. Think collaborate! 

Do not fret! No man is an island, we all need each other .. think of a brand that can compliment what you do or compliment your sphere of work . E.G... a photographer & a hair  vendor can have a thriving collabo that will make both standout 

6. Motivate 

Encourage yourself at each point, it has become a task, don’t stop . Use your social media handles to broaden your scope. Make your page a buzz feed. Please stop using your page as a personal page when it’s supposed to be all biz...rearrange where need can do it, watch your page & create content to make it thrive. 

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I shall need your feedback to complete this write up, let’s move up!!!

Ciao ❤️❤️❤️



  1. This is the best I have heard in a very long time, thank you for sharing this with us, I will utilize the knowledge I got here

    1. You are amazing ! Please use them, it works

    2. Thanks a lot for these useful tips. Will sure run with them coach. Shalom

  2. I appreciate u madam
    Veeeryyy much you are such a good inspirer

  3. You indeed done a great job ride on

  4. I have learnt a lot from this. Thanks

  5. You are such an industrious woman! Thank you for sharing these tips, they are really helpful

    1. I appreciate you for taking time to read them ❤️

  6. Awesome content, brand Boss. Very actionable points. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hmmmm my first time to read your write up. Also a new baby. Thank you so much for that wounderful write up

  8. Please could you send me your WhatsApp number Brand Coach thanks my handle on IG@ obasidaddyo thanks

  9. Bravo πŸ‘πŸ‘. Very brilliant and encouraging article. Well done JJB

  10. I definitely find this blog worthy!


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